The SAMR-model

If you ask teachers what they find challenging with regard to using mobile technologies for their teaching is the missing pedagogical knowledge about how to implement them effectively. To conceptualize the changes that digital tools create, the tutorial IT05 about Innovative digital tools and methods presented the SAMR-model by Ruben Puentedura: The model consists of […]

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Reflection about using VEO

Today the study week did not take place in the university as it did the days before, because we visited the EF Language school in Barcelona where we observed a Spanish class and video recorded it with the application VEO. If you don’t know VEO yet, I will present it to you shortly: VEO is […]

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Teaching and Learning with Technology

Yesterday, Gabi and I were working on the first tutorial IT01 „Approaches to Teaching and Learning with Technology“ and discussed about the term ‚Digital Native‘ thinking about how we should use technology for teaching in our current time. We worked on a GoogleDocs document and you can see our result here: Teaching and Learning with […]

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Gibbs Reflective Cycle

On our second day of ProPIC one of the topic treated in class was reflective practice. In my opinion, one of the things you learn first if you want to become a teacher is to reflect upon the choices you make regarding your teaching. You always have to ask yourself: why did I choose this […]

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